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Beauty with Biotin…..Skin, Hair and Nails

Hello beauties……

Hope U all doing well but Winter is at peak . So take care of your skin very seriously. Today i am back with one new topic that is not review of any product but its all about information of one important thing that is BIOTIN. Yes u heard right Biotin ………..every time when we saw girls with good skin, fuller and shiner hair and good look of nails which is just because biotin……..SO LETS START…..


What is Biotin ??????

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin, also called vitamin B7 and formerly known as vitamin H or Coenzyme R. it is a vital part of a healthy metabolism and creating important enzymes. Biotin is often used to strengthen hair , nails and beautify your skin. It’s found in many cosmetic products for hair and skin. Biotin is vital to many body functions. Your body makes use of Biotin to transform the protein, fat and carbohydrates into the calorie you need. It is also important for the proper functioning of your nervous system, liver, eyesight, hair and glowing skin. Acute deficiency of this vitamin can result in diseases like depression, anemia, cardiac problems, hair loss, nausea and high cholesterol.

Biotin uses for beauty …

Biotin is  a nutrient that helps us keep a young, attractive appearance since it plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin. ….

Skin Beauty……

Since inner health often appears on your face and skin, biotin helps transform you from an ordinary individual to a beautiful person. Biotin has the capacity to solve all your skin problems and gifts you with a glowing, younger and wrinkle-free skin. … Biotin has heeling and moisturizing benefits so biotin is found in many massage oils. so if u want flawless skin and also want to avoid any cosmetic surgery start taking biotin supplement everyday which are easily available in market and natural foods. For dose information visit your doctor ..



Hair Beauty….

Complete beauty can not define without good, shiner and fuller hair. Biotin plays vital role in maintenance and growth of hair. When your body suffers from biotin deficit, chances are that you’ll suffer from acute hair loss problems. Taking supplements of this essential vitamin can help prevent hair loss to a great extent.In many cases, biotin supplement helps stimulate hair growth. Even if you have normal biotin levels in your body, you may consider taking a biotin supplement to boost fast hair growth. It’s true that a lot of hair marks and hair tonics are available in the market, but they generally fail to give you the desired results. So, instead of treading the chemical way, try out something natural like biotin supplements which are more beneficial. Hair loss can be control at great extent with just this supplement .biotin-uses

Nail Beauty….

Many people are suffering from brittle, shorter and weak nails. These types of problem can be due to low level of Biotin in body. Biotin also helps to promote the growth of healthy nails. Instead of chemical use always use biotin supplement for treating your health problems……With Proper use of Biotin you can get healther, shiner and strong nails….

biotin for nail growth


Natural sources of Biotin…….

Biotin is present in many natural food like nuts, vegetables, fruits etc. So many Biotin supplement are also available in market at affordable prices but before use it consult your doctor…..


Soooooooo beauties now you understand the importance of Biotin for our body and beauty. Be conscious and alert to use biotin supplement available market. So try to use natural food and fruit for biotin. My personal advice to use these type of supplement is consult your doctor first. So beauties start your beauty diet today. Stay blessed and Enjoy the winter season with beautiful skin…….Bye Bye till next post MUAAAA


Shahnaz husain shablem blemish cover cream review…..

Hello Beauties…………..

I always saw girls with clear skin just free from spots, acne, dry patches etc. So i searched so many beauty product to get flawless skin as I have some brown spots near my eyes. I believe to use herbal product as it has no side effects. So finally i brought Shahnaz Husain Shablem Blemish Cover Cream. Shahnaz Husain is well know name in beauty industry which deals only in herbal beauty products. So today I m going to review this cream and my experience with this cream……

Shahnaz Husain Shablem Blemish Cover Cream Pack Information….


Containing Lemon and Tulsi oils. It has been specially formulated to provide a smooth and even colour tone . Helps to minimize scares and blemishes like dark spots and patches, restoring the natural beauty of skin.

direction for use :   Apply on scars and blemishes at night, rubbing it in to skin. Leave on overnight.

ingredients :   Petrolatum, Zinc Oxide, Avena  Aativa, Salicylic acid, Paraffinum Liquidum, Paraffin, Menthol, Lemon Oil, Ocimum Sanctum Oil.

price :    675/- for 25g


This cream has two main herbal things Lemon and Tulsi oils.

Lemon has many beauty benefits, such as lightening dark spots on your skin,  lightening  skin complexion, evening out skin tone, treating oily complexion, and so on – so many things that this little small fruit can do – wow….!Lemon juice is packed with many nutrients, so it’s not only healthy as a food but can also be used in home remedies to treat numerous skin disorders..


Tulsi oils has Linoleic acid which is extremely beneficial for skin. Skin with blemishes can also benefit from Tulsi leaves. The antioxidants present in Tulsi makes you look younger and fresher. Tulsi is very healthy for the skin. It works well as a skin and hair moisturizer too. …




My Experience With Shahnaz Husain Shablem Blemish Cover Cream …….

I have dry skin with some brown spot near my eyes. I used this cream which has  cake like consistency .I am using this cream at night time where i have spot on skin and left it overnight. When i apply, This cream gives me cooling sensation because of  Tulsi oil. This cooling sensation sometime brought water in my eyes. But this cream has no moisture in it. Very difficult to rub it in skin. May be oil skin beauties will love it. It leaves white cast on face.  Now lets talk about effects, i have seen little bit difference in my brown spot but not as much i expect. May be long time use will give good result.  This cream is white in Colour. Packing is of very good quality as cream is in plastic tub. Mint fragrance is give cooling sensation to nose….. As i saw it has some chemical like Paraffin so it is not fully herbal product……


  1.  It gives cooling effect to skin.
  2.  Cream can fade dark spot  with regular use
  3.  Tub last long time as it is night cream.
  4. Good packing quality
  5. Mint fragrance refresh mind.


  1. The cream is in tub so is not hygienic.
  2. Its is not fully herbal as it has some chemical like paraffin.
  3. Dry beauties can feel skin scratched  after use as it has no moisture .
  4. One tub is not enough to get best results.
  5.  Cream is expensive as compared  to result.


Rating  :    3.5 out 5

Will i repurchase it ?    ….. Well not sure, may be i will not repurchase this cream  again as it did not give me satisfied results as i expect. With in this price range i can get better option for my skin to reduce dark spot….

















Lotus SHEAMOIST 24-Hr Moisturizer Review

Hello beauties……

Finally winter arrives.. I always have love hate relationship with winters. I Love winters because all family members and relatives can sit to gather under one roof and can Ghup Shup with cup of tea.. So  I really love winter but other side of coin i also hate because i have  very very dry skin . Cold wind just frezze my face’s veins and face cries for moisturizer. My search about moisturizer never ends. I used so many thing like pond cold cream, Nivea classic and many more which i even i do not remember….

Finally I found Lotus sheamoist 24- hr moisturizer which I really really really love it. It helps to my skin remain well moisturied along with nice glow…….

Lotus SHEAMOIST 24- HR Moisturizer DRY TO NORMAL SKIN pack information……


This innovative 24-hr moisturizer containing Shea butter and Strawberry extract moisturizes the skin for extended periods. The time-release formula ensures there are bursts of moisture at regular intervals…….


DIRECTIONS: Apply daily morning and, if needed for extreme hydration, then in the evenings too. Wash your face with Lotus herbal’s jojobawash Active milli Capsules face wash before using this moisturizer for best results………

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Shea butter and Strawberry extract…..

PRICE: Rs. 245/- for 120gm.

This moisture has two main ingredients SHEABUTTER And STRAWBERRY   EXTRACT ….

Shea butter is mainly used in the cosmetics industry for skin- and hair-related products. It is obtained from the nuts of Karite nut trees in Africa. Regular use of this natural cream can treat many skin problems, including blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frost bite, and other skin conditions.


STRAWBEERY .. is my favorite. When I listen this word its filled water in my mouth lol…The Strawberry is a highly nutritious fruit, loaded with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Strawberries are acidic in nature and this is effective to remove the excess sebum on skin.  It is very efficient in lightening blemishes, acne scars, uneven tone skin and wrinkles…






My Experience  with Lotus SHEAMOIST 24 -HR Moisturizer…….

As I have very very dry skin, this moisture gives me complete moisture all day long. I am quite satisfied with Lotus product. I used this after washing my face as often as i can. Sometime I mix it in my foundation for creamy base which gives me nice glowing make up with even tone finishing… Because of dry skin I did not use foundation but  when I got this moisture I started using my foundation base make up. It is too creamy to hydrate my skin all day long . Now i do not have dry patches any more. .. Furthermore I have some fine line around my eyes, it also visible reduced by this  which is very plus point of this moisture…. fragrance is slightly flowery but it is not strong and does not stay long…

Now talk about In summers, as I have dry skin I used it in summers also I did not feel heavy at all but oily and combination skin beauties strictly stay away from this product as it is only for very very dry skin beauties….

I love packing which is tube shape and very easy to carry in bag. but its not transparent so tough to guess how much is left in tube ..


  1.     Its texture is like too creamy. so pea size amount is enough for whole face.
  2.     It gives nice glow  to  your complexion .
  3.     Its not feel too heavy on skin.
  4.     Absorb quickly in skin and does not look oily.
  5.     It can be mixed in foundation for creamy base make up.
  6.     It also reduce wrinkles visibly.
  7.     I love the packing. it is convenient and hygienic.
  8.     Quantity is good enough as it tube  lasts long near about 6 month.
  9.     No dry patches after using this.
  10.      Its really good value for money as it is available in different sizes.



  1.       It does not have SPF in it.
  2.       Oily skin beauty stay away from it.

Apart from i did not see any other con in this lotus product ….


  Rating …….4.5 out of 5       (.5 because of no SPF)


 Will I  repurchase it ? ……. well definitely YES …. It is my favorite moisture till date. I strongly recommend dry skin people must try it once please and let me know your views… So stay happy and enjoy winter..


It is my first blog post so now  its right time to introduce myself ….

About me, I am Maninder kaur but people call me manu with sweet voice. I have completed General Nursing  Diploma in 2008….. but i did  not do job in medical field as i have least interest in it …

About family .. we are 6 family members mom, dad and 2 younger sisters and one younger brother. All are studying ….

Now lets talk about my life…  I have good knowledge of medical science as i have intelligent brain but my mind loves make up, beauty ,fashion loolll… so my mind and brain always fight with each other to gain fame as i want to invest my whole life in make up and beauty industry but brain wants medical profession ….so at end my mind won and i am here to share many things like make up thing, beauty product reviews, dressing ideas. I am very passionate about make up and beauty products ….so stay connected and keep supporting me  …..




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